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Here at HeatSeek, we believe adult content is a safe, fun part of a healthy life. We proudly support the following organizations who help make this possible:


    It's called adult content for a reason; you gotta be over 18! We support the fight against child pornography.

  • FreeSpeech Coalition

    Free Speech Coalition: Supporting America's right to free speech on the Internet.

  • ICRA

    Internet Content Rating Association: Our website is labeled according to ICRA guidelines. Even though our site does not contain any nudity or sexually offensive content, we voluntarily label our web pages so that child protection software such as Net Nanny and Safe Surf will prevent children from accessing them.

  • National Breast Cancer Foundation

    National Breast Cancer Foundation: Heatseek joins women around the world in the battle to keep breasts healthy.

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HeatSeek began in 2005 when a few guys wondered why viewing adult content on a computer was so unfriendly to users. We thought, "everyone must be so annoyed at popup windows, friends and spouses finding stuff on their computer, and viewing pics/videos with all these different programs that weren't designed for this type of material." Thus, HeatSeek was born.

Our mission is simple: give consumers the ultimate software for securely obtaining, organizing, and viewing personal content.